Projections for Ohio's Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) Program

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The rotation between corn, soybeans, and wheat come from official USDA data which are automatically downloaded with the 0-data/0-ohio-nass.R script. These data technically come from Crop Production Reports. Typically there is an August, September, October, and November forecast. Then finalized values occur in January of the following year. The USDA Quick Stats API will incorrectly place the most recent forecast value for the current year in the “YEAR” reference period. This needs to be accounted for.

Rotation is one of the components which does not use Olympic averaging, which makes projecting the component forward more sensitive to new values.

Tax Year Rotation
2005 ad hoc
2006 ad hoc
2007 ad hoc
2008 ad hoc
2009 ad hoc
2010 2004-2008
2011 2005-2009
2012 2006-2010
2013 2007-2011
2014 2008-2012
2015 2010-2014
2016 2011-2015
2017 2012-2016
2018 2013-2017
2019 2014-2018
Future previous-5 years ago
Years 5 Average, one year lag